Aesthetic Loft is a community gathering space for the Aesthetic Community. A resource hub providing business, mindset and marketing education to the aesthetics community to foster connections, collaborations and growth. 

 Collectively, providers and clients grow through expert insight, joined resources, and the strategy and mindset for accelerated growth.


Recognizing the hurdles in the aesthetic industry and challenges and concerns from consumers, our goal is to provide an inclusive space, for those looking for reputable resources, with specialized attention for people of colour and Indigenous peoples.


We are a community of like-minded individuals who inspire each other, aspire for better, and are ready to connect and grow together.




We are here to educate and empower. As the first community-centred aesthetic brand in Canada, our mission is to provide the clients with easily accessible resources, complemented by the expertise of our aesthetic providers, to ensure they feel confident in their health and beauty decisions. 


The Aesthetic Loft focuses on providing credible resources and the experts that understand the unique needs of our diverse clients.



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